Come to us for eyelash extensions in Clifton Park, NY

Do you hate your short, thin eyelashes? Make your eyes stand out with eyelash extensions from Clifton Park Laser And Wellness in Clifton Park, NY. We use Borboleta lashes that come in full or fill-in sets. You can choose light, medium or glam volume lashes to achieve a bold, beautiful look. Appointments take a couple of hours, so we'll make sure you're comfortable throughout your session.

Call 518-344-6888 to book an appointment at our eyelash extension salon.

5 fantastic perks of eyelash extensions

Whether you want eyelash extensions for a special occasion or as part of your everyday look, we have an option you'll love. Some benefits of lash extensions include:

  1. Enjoying two to three weeks of full, luscious lashes
  2. Wearing less eye makeup
  3. Spending less time getting ready
  4. Feeling a boost in confidence
  5. Adding length and volume without damaging your natural lashes
Our eyelash extension salon provides after-care instructions following service. Lash cleansers and brushes are also available for purchase.